Start Of Financial Year Sale: Austra Rewards

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Be rewarded for your purchases at Austra Energy as part of our latest promotion. Free DC Cables, Inverters and more up for grabs.*

For the next stage of our Start Of Financial Year Sale we’re thanking our customers by introducing Austra Rewards. Through your purchases earn points across the promotional period which can be spent¹ to receive free products worth up to hundreds of dollars. See below for how you can earn points and to find out what’s on offer.

*Promotion starts 9/07/21 and ends 9/08/21. T&Cs Apply.
Cannot be combined with any other offers.
¹ Points are earned on pick-up or delivery of stock. Points can be earnt only across the promotional period (9/07/21 – 9/08/21), points must be redeemed by 9/09/21.

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SNEC PV Power Expo 2021 – The Future on Display

It’s been a busy few weeks in solar, with the SNEC PV Power Expo taking place earlier this month with the biggest names in the industry turning out. From LONGi to Jinko to Growatt, we’ve had lots of product announcements showing off the best there is to offer.
LONGi has unveiled their Hi-MO N series – the first bifacial module with N-type TOPCon cells. TOPCon refers to a PERC cell architecture, which passivates the cell contacts – Tunnel-Oxide Passivated Contacts. With up to 22.3% conversion efficiency and power that reaches 570W in mass production, the new panels are the latest in breakthrough tech from LONGi. These panels aim to lower LCOE, leading the industry with the panels superb module efficiency and energy yield.

With LONGi’s patented technology their new panels are PID-free under irradiance. The initial year degradation is under 1% and linear degradation is under 0.4%, meaning longer lasting panels with even greater efficiency.

Jinko meanwhile have announced their first 415W panel dedicated for the residential market, the Tiger Pro 415W. More details are yet to come, but we’re excited for Jinko Solar to be making their first 400+ watt panel for this market. We know this will be a popular one, so once we’ve got more details, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Jinko also announced their own N-Type TOPCon solar panel with 182mm cells, with theirs having a power output of up to 625Wp (watt peak) and a 22.86% module efficiency, setting a new world record in the class of its size.

BIPV products were the featured products of Talesun, being new curtain wall modules being integrated expertly with buildings and meeting the needs of building functionalisation. The panels are also designed to look stunning, being available in various colours and styles to suit a variety of different buildings, as well as meeting all the safety requirements of a building curtain wall, with A-level fire rating, wind load resistance, heat and frost resistance, and high safety strength.

The BIPV products won the “Terawatt Diamond Award”, recognising innovation in PV technology, at the SNEC 2021 Top 10 Highlights Presentation. The event selects the most advanced, original, and social technology and products by the experts of the organising committee, demonstrating Talesun’s continued commitment to innovating to meet market demand.

HT-SAAE have also announced a 415W panel of their own, the “Panda” module, the latest in their HT66-166 series. Being a full black solar module, it’s said to be more efficient that normal panels, with a low LCOE and BOS costs. They have also publicised their new partnership with international authoritative testing organisation DEKRA for laboratory product quality testing and research. DEKRA is a world-renowned third-party professional testing and certification organisation.
DAS Solar continued the trend and announced their own N-type bifacial cell, with the cell efficiency over 24% and bifaciality over 80%. This is combined with multi-busbar tech, a half cut design, and larger wafer size to create fantastic panels. The power of the 210-size module is over 615W, and the additional power yield increases over 30%, with good weak light response. The panel is said to be suitable for BIPV, vertical installation, snow, high humidity, heavy sand and other applications.
Finally we’re onto the latest in solar inverter technology, with Growatt announcing their high-power inverter designed for large commercial and industrial solar power plants, maximising investment returns. MAX 100-125KTL3-X LV inverter has type II SPD on both AC and DC sides as well as optional AFCI function to provide protection for PV system. With up to 10 MPPTs, it allows for different orientations for solar arrays to optimize solar power generation. Its string input current reaches up to 16A, enabling the inverter to work with 500W+ high power modules.

The new inverter also provides smart online monitoring and troubleshooting, featuring fantastic remote O&M tools of intelligent string monitoring, smart I-V curve scan and diagnosis for installers.

Sungrow also announced a new inverter, the “1+X” modular inverter being designed with a minimum unit of 1.1MW and featuring a flexible capacity ranging from 1.1MW to 8.8MW. The modular design featuring “individual” units, ensures rest units in normal operation without any impact from one failing unit. The failed device can then be easily replaced with the new one in a plug-and-play manner, making maintenance easier than ever.
With all these announcements SNEC 2021 once again showed that the solar industry isn’t slowing down, and is continually changing with new technology that will continue to shape solar for years to come. It is this innovation Austra Energy aims to provide to its own customers, with many of these announced products being available soon. We’re excited about the future of solar, and we can’t wait to share it with you.