Solplanet ASW8K-LT-G2-A, 3 Phase 8kW Inverter – 2 MPPT w/wifi w/DCI

ASW LT-G2-A: Versatile three-phase inverters.

The ASW8K-LT-G2 is a triple-phase 8kW inverter with dual MPPT, and integrated wifi and DC switch.

These inverters offer:

  • Effortless Installation and Rapid Setup: Quick installation and setup through Solplanet app.
  • Compact Design: Engineered to deliver exceptional performance while saving space.
  • Top Industry Standards: Complies with international quality and safety standards.
  • Tool-free: DC connection via Phoenix Contact connectors.


  • Outdoor Durability: IP66-rated for outdoor use, and to withstand diverse weather conditions.
  • App-Based Monitoring: Stay connected via Wi-Fi and get real-time monitoring through the Solplanet app.
  • Enhanced Efficiency and Flexibility: Optimize energy generation with dual Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT).
  • Higher Energy Yields: 150% PV array oversizing
  • Bifacial Compatibility: 16A input current ideal for bifacial and large area PV modules
  • Wide Voltage Range: 150V-1000V MPP voltage range