Solplanet ASW10H-T3, 3 Phase 10kW Hybrid Inverter – 3 MPPT w/wifi w/DCI

Three Phase Hybrid Inverter with 8kW, 10kW & 12kW options available. Supports Solplanet Ai-HB G2 Batteries.

Key Features

  • 3 independent MPPT’s for flexible and higher kWp PV array design 
  • Max. 16 A input current, ideal for bifacial and large PV modules 
  • 100% unbalanced three phase AC output 
  • Easy installation, Pheonix DC Connectors for tool-free DC connection — Straight-forward set-up and commissioning via Solplanet app 
  • ShadeSol shadow management, giving major increases to power generation when system is partially shaded — Outperforms DC optimisers in most scenarios. 
  • 24hr monitoring, easily monitor PV generation, battery usage and overall home energy usage — Connects with Soplanet’s EV Charger for a complete monitoring solution 
  • IP66 rating, giving a greater level of protection against water compared to other IP65 rated products. 
  • UPS capability, allowing battery power use during blackouts — Under 10ms switching time to battery power, practically instant 
  • Proven quality: designed in Europe, drawing on Solplanet’s 15+ years as manufacturer of SMA products. 
  • Premium quality assurance, with a 100% testing rate, ensuring every product is in working order before shipment. 
  • 10 Year Warranty