Solplanet Ai-LB Pro 5K 5.12kWh Low Voltage Battery

Solplanet’s Low Voltage 5.12kWh Battery.

Key Features

  • Can be used with Solplanet’s ASW H-S2 (5kW | 6kW) Series Inverters 
  • Max. discharging rate up to 1C
  • High level of safety with all-round BMS protection 
  • Elegant design with hidden cable connection 
  • Supports floor or wall mounting. 
  • Easily monitor battery usage 24/7 online via the Solplanet app. 
  • IP65 rating, giving a high level of dust and water protection. 
  • Proven quality: designed in Europe, drawing on Solplanet’s 15+ years as manufacturer of SMA products. 
  • Premium quality assurance, with a 100% testing rate, ensuring every product is in working order before shipment. 
  • 10 Year Warranty