HT-SAAE 475W Mono N-Type TOPCon (HT60-18X(N)-475W)

HT-SAAE’s latest N-Type 475W module is a highly efficient and reliable choice for those seeking a top-quality solar panel with fantastic value. Featuring advanced N-Type TOPCon technology, 21.9% module efficiency, a 30-year product warranty for rooftop installations, and an impressive 87.4% guaranteed power warranty after 30 years, the HT60-18X(N)-475W panel sets a new standard for performance and durability.

Key Features:

  • 475W TOPCon N-Type Module
  • Module efficiency of 21.9% for optimal energy production
  • Latest TOPCon technology provides enhanced efficiency and low degradation rates, with little to no risk of LID/LeTID
  • Assured quality control through Double EL Testing to detect cell defects such as microcracks
  • Also available in all-black with the HT-SAAE 475W Panda module
  • Dimensions: 1909×1134mm | Weight: 23kg
  • 30-year power warranty – Guaranteed power output of 87.4% after 30 years
  • Unmatched 30-year product warranty for rooftop installations
    • 12-year product warranty for ground-mounted systems

With world-class performance and longevity, the HT-SAAE TOPCon N-Type 475W in energy production and customer satisfaction. Contact Austra Energy for more information on pricing and availability.


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