eCactus Agave-SH All-In-One 10.24kWh 1Ph Hybrid Inverter & LFP Battery System [WH-SPHA5.0H-10.24kWh]

The latest from eCactus, the Agave-SH is a premium All-In-One Battery Energy Storage System, is a hybrid inverter and LFP battery rolled into one.

  • Impressive 10.24kWh battery capacity, with more compact 5.12kWh options available for ultimate versatility.
  • Cleanly integrated 5kW single phase hybrid inverter
  • Built in back-up box allows for self-power, backup, and load shifting modes.
  • LFP technology offers excellent thermal and chemical stability, while key gas detection technology & AI analysis of multi-dimensional battery status achieves early warning of battery thermal runaway events.
  • 89Wh/kg Power Density
  • System easily fits together, making for quick and easy installation for a full battery and inverter system
  • Built in back-up box – UPS level always prepared for blackout with a <10ms switching time
  • Suitable for both on-grid and off-grid systems
  • 10 Year Warranty