DAH Solar All-Black 440W Full-Screen N-Type Module (DHN-54X16/FS(BB))

Now at Austra are DAH Solar’s All-Black 440W modules, with N-Type TOPCon cell technology and patented Full-Screen design.

DAH Solar’s Full-Screen modules offer a frameless panel front, featuring a smooth surface crafted to prevent harmful dust and water build-up caused by frame edges that can lead to reductions in module power generation and cause damaging hotspots. It also features a smooth and elegant All-Black finish.

The cutting-edge innovations from DAH Solar are combined with leading N-Type TOPCon technology, lowering degradation rates and improving efficiency. The Full Screen design then offers up to a 15% increase in power generation over standard frame modules of the same specifications, providing top of its class performance.

Full-Screen Benefits

  • Patented Full-Screen design with proven power generation increases of up to 15%
  • Eliminates dust and water residue with smooth frameless front
  • Rain allows the panel to self-clean, reducing hot-spot risk
  • Easier installation and handling due to innovative curved outer frame design

Panel Features

  • 440W Full-Screen N-Type TOPCon module with All-Black backsheet and frame
  • Full-Screen technology stops water and dust buildup, reducing power loss and maintenance costs
  • Higher Power Generation Efficiency – Full-Screen design is combined with leading N-type TOPCon technology, boosting module power generation further
  • Low degradation rate – First-year degradation ≤1%, 2-30 year ≤0.4%;
  • PID resistant – N-Type TOPCon cells offer excellent Anti-PID performance
  • -0.29%/°C temperature coefficient – Greater power generation at high temperatures
  • Dimensions (H×WxD): 1722 × 1134 × 32mm
  • Weight: 20.1kg
  • 25 Year Product Warranty & 30 Year Linear Power Warranty