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Company Overview

Founded in 1995, BYD is a listed company on Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. We principally engaged in IT industry mainly related to rechargeable battery business, handset and computer components and assembly services, as well as automobile business including traditional fuel-powered vehicles and new energy vehicles while taking advantage of our technical superiority to actively develop other new energy products such as solar farm, energy storage station, electric vehicles, LED, electric forklift, etc... Currently, BYD has nearly 180,000 employees and 22 industrial parks in global with an area nearly 17,000,000 square meters.

BYD Solar

BYD, one of the world's top PV manufacturers, produces from wafer to module with automatic production line, committing to high quality sustainable products and continuous improvement. BYD brand is ranking as tier 1 level by Bloomberg New Energy Finance Q2 2016. BYD modules are covered by Chubb Insurance. With Chubb products liability insurance, errors and omissions (E&O)

file-pdf BYD Renewable Energy Profile (May. 2016)

file-pdf BYD Bankability & BYD PV Renewable Projects List (10th May 2016)


BYD Energy Storage Solutions

Relying on the advanced Fe battery technology, BYD can provide large-scale energy storage, distributed energy storage and micro-grid, which forms a complete set and series of energy storage system solutions. For example, the Indoor solution(figure 1) /outdoor solution (figure 2)with on-grid and off-grid function, which can achieve peak shaving & load leveling, smooth the wind/solar output and regulate the frequency etc.
BYD ESS technology offers a modular, flexible design and can be easily tailored to meet a diverse set of customer needs. Up to now, BYD has a lot of successful cases of battery storage solutions from KW sized to MW sized system at home and abroad.

BYD and Warren Buffett

BYD is backed by Warren Buffett – The American Billionaire.

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